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Simple Homescreen Setups for Android

If you are bored with your regular smartphone UI homescreen and want to make changes to your homescreen setup for your Android? Then this article will help you to customize your Smartphone Using Android Launchers. You can tweak your smartphone’s home screens. There are thousands of Android Launchers on the google playstore to customize your Homescreen setups.

Setup Details

Let’s check out this Simple Homescreen setup for Android. You can recreate this homescreen setup using Any third-party Android launcher but for this homescreen setup, we are using the Nova launcher.

Nova launcher is a simple Yet powerful Android launcher. It is one of the most downloaded Android launchers on the google playstore. It allows us to customize everything on the homescreen setup.

Follow the Below Steps to customize your Homescreen Like this simple homescreen setup for Android.

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  1. Install Nova Launcher from the google playstore. Set it as the default Launcher.
  2. Install KWGT and Pastels for KWGT from the google playstore.
  3. Download the Wallpaper from our Telegram Group @Xtremegeeks and set it as the wallpaper.
  4. Now Add the empty kwgt widget and select Your Favorite widget from the Pastels KWGT.
  5. Add your favorite app icons to the Homescreen and rearrange them according to your needs.

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By following the above steps you can recreate this simple homescreen setup for android on your smartphone. Make sure that, In order to use any kwgt widgets you need to have the kwgt and kwgt pro keys.


Hey, I'm Krizoa! I love Android customization and here I will post Beautiful Homescreen setups for you all. Also consider following me on Instagram.

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