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Best Nova Launcher Homescreen Setup – 6

If you’re bored at looking your Smartphone homescreen then you can change the homescreen design which will look stunning on your smartphone. In this article, Im showing you How to Customize your homescreen setup just like the above one in the screenshot.

Before you start customizing your smartphone, you need to install a couple of android apps. I recommend you to Install all these apps in order to achieve the exact look on your smartphone. This Homescreen setup is Recreated from techparadise a youtube channel.

Homescreen Launcher

At first, we need to have a Homescreen Launcher. you can use any third-party launcher or you can use your default launcher if it supports changing the icon pack. In my case, Im using the nova launcher.

Just install your preferred launcher and set it as your default homescreen app. after that just do basic settings like layouts and settings. If you are using the Nova launcher then you can restore the exact setting for this setup.

just Save the nova backup (you will find it at the end of this article) and restore the settings in the nova setting.

Wallpaper Telegram

In order to give a new look to your smartphone, we need to change the wallpaper. If you use normal photos as your wallpapers then change the wallpaper with a good wallpaper. For this homescreen setup, Im using this Green Leaf wallpaper.

If you want this exact wallpaper then you can Install it from our telegram group. just click on the below button to save this wallpaper. After saving the wallpaper just set it as your wallpaper from your smartphone gallery.


To make our homescreen look better with useful widgets. we are using the kwgt widgets. These widgets are made using the KWGT app. Using this KWGT widget editor you can create your own widgets.

For this Homescreen setup, we are using the premade widgets and you can install them from the google playstore. In order to apply the widgets, you need to install the KWGT app. Also check out this article for detailed information about the Niagara launcher


As I mentioned above we are using the premade kwgt widgets. For this Homescreen setup, we are using the Free KWGT pack called Huk for KWGT. Also, check out this Yellow Homescreen setup.

To use this widget you don’t need to have the kwgt pro version. all the widgets in the Huk for kwgt are free to use and you can apply all these widgets using the free version of kwgt.

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Reev Pro Icon Pack

If you want to change the icons of your smartphone then you need to install third-party icons from the google playstore. In this, case To match the icons with the wallpaper, we use this Reev pro icon pack. Also, check this Dark Nova setup theme.

This icon pack has over 4000+ Icons and 2500+ hand-crafted white flat HD Icons. you will also get 200+ wallpaper in this app which will suit the icons. So make sure to install this Flight icon pack.

Final Verdict

That’s it guys our Good looking homescreen setup is done. To get the exact look make sure to install the Nova Backup file and also install all the required apps. If anything did not work for you, you could contact me by message on our Instagram account.

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Hey, I'm Krizoa! I love Android customization and here I will post Beautiful Homescreen setups for you all. Also consider following me on Instagram.

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