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Best Nova Launcher Homescreen Setup – 5

Hello guys, welcome back. In this post, Im showing how to apply this minimal Homescreen on any android smartphone device. This Minimal setup is created by Mr.techyskullz. You can apply this homescreen setup on any android smartphone by Installing a couple of android apps.

To set up this Minimal Nova launcher homescreen setup on your smartphone then you need to install the above-mentioned Android apps from the google playstore. Using these apps can able to customize your homescreen.

Nova Launcher Prime

As always, To create this type of homescreen we are using the Nova Launcher as the default launcher. You can check our Cartoon homescreen setup which is made using the Nova Launcher.

Nova launcher is the best Third party launcher. It gives a high level of customizability even in the free version of this app. To unlock all the features like gestures you need to purchase the prime version of the Nova Launcher from the Google playstore.

Wallpaper from Telegram

Talking about the wallpaper, I got this Pure black wallpaper which has the moon in the middle with the white stroke. Im using this minimal dark wallpaper to customize my homescreen look.

I got this Dark wallpaper from a Telegram channel and you can get this exact wallpaper by clicking on the button below. If you’re the creator of this wallpaper then please let us know to give the credit.


To make the Homescreen look much better, I am using the kustom made widgets aka KWGT widgets. This App allows us to create custom widgets using the WYSIWYG editor. You can also use other’s widgets using this kwgt app.

But, In order to use these kwgt widgets, you need to install the plugin aka the KWGT app. In order to use the third-party KWGT widgets made by different people, you need to install the KWGT pro key from the google playstore.

Pineapple KWGT Apk

To match this Dark wallpaper with widgets, Im using these colorful widgets from the Pineapple kwgt app. this is one of the best widget packs to try. all the widgets in this pack are Uniquely designed.

Pineapple for kwgt app has beautiful and colorfully designed kwgt widgets. All the widgets in these pineapple kwgt apps are unique and modern style widgets. Also, check out this Yellow Homescreen setup

Chic Icon Pack

To match the icons with the Dark wallpaper and Widgets, Im using this Chic Icon pack by LKN9X. All the icons in this Chic Icon pack apk are in vibrant color that looks stunning on your homescreen setup. Also, check this Dark Nova setup theme.

Curently this icon pack contains over 2200+ Beautiful Icons and a couple of cloud-based wallpapers that match with these icons. This icon pack is one of the Premium Icon packs to Try from the google playstore. So make sure to install this chic icon pack from the google playstore.

Final Verdict

That’s it guys our Minimal and Dark homescreen setup is done. To get the exact look make sure to save the Nova Backup file and also install all the required apps. If anything did not work for you, you could contact me by message on our Instagram account.

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