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Best Nova Launcher Homescreen Setup – 1

Hey guys, Welcome to 4Android. In this post, I’m sharing this beautiful Nova launcher Homescreen setup made by thenamelessronin by using the Nova launcher Prime. This setup can apply this setup to any Android smartphone.

Follow the Article to Apply this Best Nova launcher Homescreen setup on your smartphone. To do this you need to install a couple of android apps from the google play store.

Nova Setups

If you are not using the Nova Launcher, then you can also recreate this Homescreen setup on Different Launcher which supports Third-party icons.

This Homescreen setup looks Simple and minimal on every android phone. Just install the mentioned Apps from the google playstore. Also, checkout best Niagara launcher homescreen setups

Nova Launcher

As the Setup name suggests, we are using the Nova launcher Prime to set up this homescreen setup. Nova Launcher is one of the best Thirdparty launchers on the Google playstore. You can get the Premium version of Nova Launcher at $1.

If you want to use the Nova Launcher, you can import all the settings needed to set up this Homescreen setup using the Nova Backup file. you can get the nova backup from our telegram group. You might like this Black forest homescreen setup.

After saving the nova backup from our telegram channel go to the nova settings and look for backup and restore. In that, upload this nova backup in the restore section. after restoring you will get all the settings applied on your phone.

Nova Launcher Wallpapers

I’m using this simple and minimal wallpaper for this Nova launcher setup. I got this beautiful wallpaper from the Pinterest app.

You can Get this wallpaper from our Telegram channel. After saving the wallpaper set it as the homescreen wallpaper. Also, check out Best Anime Homescreen setups.

Rainbow KWGT 

For this homescreen setup, I’m using these Rainbow KWGT widgets. this is a free app so you can Install it from the google playstore for free. Just Install this Rainbow kwgt from the google playstore.

Even if it is a free app you need to install KWGT and KWGT pro key to use the kwgt widgets like rainbow kwgt, so make sure to Install both KWGT and KWGT pro.

After installing these three, you need to click other empty kwgt boxes on your homescreen and select the kwgt widgets you like to set up. Also, check out the minimal homescreen setup.

Icon pack for Nova Launchers

For this homescreen setup, we are using this viral icon pack. this is one of the best icon packs from the google play store. it has over 6000+ unique icons. You can get this Best viral icon pack for free from the google playstore.

after installing the icon pack. go to the nova settings, and click on the looks and feels, here select the viral icon pack as the default icon pack for the nova launcher. You Might like this Homescreen setup.

Final Verdict

That’s it, guys! the nova launcher setup is done. by following all these steps you can achieve the nova launcher homescreen setup on your android smartphone.

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