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How To Set A Photo In Notification Bar


How To Set A Photo In Notification Bar that allows you to change the color of the notification bar Material Notification Shade Latest Version APK  and give it an impressive new look. It lets you choose themes, modes, and colors, and through customization, you will see a noticeable change in the device. At the same time, the application also supports some other features for users to use, and some broader features will require users to consider rooting the device.

Material Notification Shade is a notification pane replacement for Android operating systems. On newer operating systems, it can restore the look and feel of certain previous versions. It also provides lots of colour options. It does require some setup, however, particularly to make the auto bundling of singleapp notifications work well. The app is also extremely touch-sensitive, making it harder to use on some screens.


In the Material Notification Shade, users can experience features that change the look and color of certain elements in your device, such as notifications. From there, you will find it more interesting to check the notifications you receive. One feature that users will love is that they freely choose these colors. So indeed, they will feel comfortable when they see these colors. The first step when you use that application is to access the application Material Notification Shade Latest Version APK  and give it specific permissions. It is indispensable so that the application can provide a fresher color to your notifications. At the same time, anyone can perform this authorization process without too much difficulty. When you want to grant permission to an element, the application will direct you to the right place in the settings, and you just need to allow it, and the preparation is done Notification Bar Photo Set.


How To Set A Photo In Notification Bar Users will be able to make the simple color of the notification bar even more impressive because many colors are waiting for you to choose from in the Material Notification Shade. Users can adjust the theme as their wishes, and some options you can consider are Light mode, Dark mode, and Colored. At the same time, the application also supports you in choosing a theme based on two versions of the Android operating system, Nougat, and Oreo. The in-app adjustment feature is divided into multiple tabs with the main keyword highlighted completely.

Therefore, you will fully realize the necessary features to use and suitable for many different audiences. In the Colors section, you will undoubtedly find the corresponding color selection feature, and there will be a variety of colors to suit you. You also need to ensure that the application is on so that your installation is set up quickly.


When you experience the Material Notification Shade, you will find many other valuable features that you can easily find besides color and theme adjustments. You can turn on Max grouped children mode, and the use of this feature is that you will choose the number of notifications sent to you and gather them into a group. At the same time, if you use a device with an operating system above 5.0, you can also reply to messages entirely quickly. One feature that you will need to pay attention to is rooting the device or not. You can find more features when you root your device. Notification Bar Photo Set  In other words, you are giving more permissions to the app instead of the previous simple settings. Rooting will also sometimes have certain risk factors if you are not very experienced in this. So, if what you need are essential features and color changes, then the pre-root function will also meet your needs.

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