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Best Anime themes for Android Homescreen Setups

In this article, Im sharing the best android themes and Anime homescreen setups. This Anime theme and homescreen setups are often used in Android homescreen setups to create an aesthetic that is both playful and sophisticated homescreen setups.

There are many anime themes available for Android homescreen so you can easily find one that suits your needs. Themes can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or from third-party websites. So make sure to install all the apps to customize this Nova Launcher setup.

You can also create the Best Android Themes using third-party launchers like Nova launcher. Refer to this Article for more detailed steps: How to customize Nova launcher 7

Setup Details

  • Launcher: Nova Launcher Prime
  • Wallpaper: Dragon ball z Goku
  • Widgets: Saturn for KWGT
  • Icons: Viral Icon Pack

Launcher – Nova Launcher

Goku wallpapers homescreen setups

For this Anime theme, we are using the nova launcher prime. This is a premium version of the nova launcher and you can download this android launcher from the google playstore. You can create this homescreen setup on any android smartphone.

If you want you can download the exact nova backup for this Anime homescreen setup. Download this backup file and restore it under Nova settings. Also, check out this Niagara homescreen setup

You can get this nova backup file from our Telegram channel. So make sure to join our Telegram channel and download this nova backup file. Also, check out this Dragon ball z Goku wallpaper.

Wallpaper – Best Anime Goku Wallpaper

The most important thing for this Anime homescreen setup is the Wallpaper. we are using this Dragon ball z Goku wallpaper. You can get this exact wallpaper from our telegram channel @xtremegeeks.

Also, consider joining our telegram channel for more homescreeen setups and anime themes for android. After downloading the wallpaper set the wallpaper as the homescreen wallpaper. Also, check out this best Nova launcher homescreen setup.

Widgets – Saturn for KWGT

Here, for this anime homescreen setup, we are using the kustom widgets aka KWGT widgets. KWGT app is a third-party widget-maker app. You can create any kind of widget using these kwgt widgets. For this homescreen setup, we are using Premade kwgt widgets.

There are thousands of premade widget packs for kwgt you can use any KWGT widget pack to customize your smartphone homescreen setup. but we are using the Saturn kwgt widget pack for this homescreen setup. The exact widget number is Saturn #30.

Icon Pack

To match the icons with this Anime Android theme are using third-party icon packs. There are thousand of icon packs on the google pack store. you can download any icon pack but make sure that the icon packs should match the wallpaper.

We are using the Viral icon pack. This is one of the best and most popular free icon packs on the google play store. this icon pack contains a total of 12,000 unique icons and 100+ cloud-based wallpapers.

Final Verdict

that’s it, guys! if you found any issues in customizing this Anime theme you can message me on Instagram. Also, make sure to join our Telegram channel.


Hey, I'm Krizoa! I love Android customization and here I will post Beautiful Homescreen setups for you all. Also consider following me on Instagram.

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