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Best Android Homescreen setups and Wallpapers – 17

In this post, Im sharing the best android homescreen setups and wallpapers. A lot of people will go on to customize their homescreen setups in order to fit their own needs and tastes on their Android smartphones.

It is very easy to personalize your homescreen setup using third-party android apps from the Google Play Store. There are a lot of launchers, wallpapers, and themes that you can choose from. More importantly, there are many apps that let you customize your phone for free. One of the famous Launcher apps is Nova Launcher.

The first thing that people usually do when they get a new phone is change up their homescreen setup. They have many options available to them, including launchers, wallpapers, and themes that they can use to make their device look more personalized according to their own tastes and preferences.

In this post, I will guide you on how to customize your homescreen setup using third-party launchers like Nova Launcher.

Setup A Third-party Launcher

If you are using a mobile phone like Samsung, then it won’t allow you to customize your home screen setups. So, To customize our homescreen setups and add extra functions we need a Third-party homescreen app. You can install any Homescreen App from the Google playstore.

Check out these famous homescreen apps on the google playstore.

  • Nova Launcher
  • Microsoft Launcher
  • Smart Launcher 6
  • Apex Launcher
  • Niagara Launcher
  • POCO Launcher
  • AIO Launcher
  • hyperion launcher
  • APUS Launcher
  • Nova Launcher Prime

Check out this article 10 Best Android Launchers for Homescreen customization. You can set up your home screen layout as you want. you can edit anything from layout to icon packs.

Follow the below steps to setup Launchers as the default

  • Install any Android Launcher from google playstore.
  • Accepts the required permissions and click allow.
  • Now set it as the default home app.
  • Open settings, search launcher, and select launcher.
  • Add your favorite apps on the homescreen.
  • that’s

For a more detailed guide on Launcher customization check out this article How to customize the nova launcher.


Wallpapers are images that you can use as your background on the homescreen of your smartphone. They also give you a chance to express yourself by showing off your favorite pictures in your life or something that you find aesthetically pleasing. Also checkout this Niagara homescreen setup

By just changing the wallpaper you can make your homescreen look a lot better. Try to avoid using personal photos as your wallpapers. Use High-quality wallpaper as your smartphone background. there are thousands of wallpaper apps on the google playstore. Go and download any one of the wallpaper apps.

Best Wallpaper apps on google playstore

  • Zedge+ wallpapers
  • Walli – 4k wallpapers
  • backdrops – wallpapers
  • Resplash – wallpapers
  • litwallz – 4k wallpapers
  • Amoled pix -wallpapers 4k
  • KLWP live wallpapers
  • Stokie – HD wallpapers

Also refer to this article: 5 best wallpaper apps for Android. Download any one of the wallpaper app and set a good wallpaper as your homescreen wallpaper.

Icon packs

This is optional but it makes a lot of changes in your homescreen setup. changing the icon pack in your smartphone make a new look. there is a lot of Icon pack on google playstore and most of them are freely available to download.

Get a good icon pack of your choice and install it from google playstore. after downloading you can go to the launcher setting and change the default icon pack to your favorite icon pack.

below are my favorite icon packs that you can get from the google playstore.

  • Beeline Icon pack
  • crayon icon pack
  • whicons
  • viral icon pack
  • redline icon pack
  • Aline icon pack
  • Lux icon pack
  • delta icon pack
  • minima icon pack
  • drops – icon pack

Android customization is a process of changing the appearance and behavior of the Android device using third-party apps from the google play.

There are many different things that one can customize on an Android phone. This includes changing the wallpaper, launcher, and themes.

Final Verdict

That’s it, guys. our Niagara launcher setup is customized. If you want you can get all the widgets, wallpapers, and icon packs in our telegram channel @xtremegeeks.

Also, make sure to follow us on our Instagram and Pinterest where we will share high-quality wallpapers and homescreen setups so you will never miss them.


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